Camp FAQ

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What happens after I enroll my child?
When we receive your registration you’ll be able to sign into your Campbrain account. There you can find your Welcome Kit including; a camper profile, health forms, physical exam forms to be filled out by your doctor, and a space for you to tell us a little bit more about your camper. You will also receive a confirmation letter and invoice. All forms need to be completed and received by camp by June 1st in order for your child to attend camp.
Can I request my child be in a group with their friends?
We understand how important camp friendships are, and how important it is for new campers to feel comfortable in their groups. Our group request policy is fair and simple, we will do our best. We ask that you trust our decisions regarding friend requests as we take many aspects into consideration when creating our counselor groups. If you would like your child to be with your friend please fill this out in your child’s camp brain account. Our groups are based on age so please keep this in mind when filling this out (e.g. a 7 year old wouldn’t be put in a group with 12 year olds but if a 9 year old wants to be with a 10 year old we can definitely figure that out). 
What is the refund policy?
If a camper is asked to leave the program due to behavioral problems, or if you withdraw your child from the program early, no refund will be issued.
Each session has a non-refundable deposit of $75 per session. 
If you cancel over a month in advance of your campers first session you will be entitled to a full refund less the deposit.
If you cancel within 4 weeks - 75% less the deposit.
If you cancel within 3 weeks - 50% less the deposit.
If you cancel within 2 weeks - 25% less the deposit.
If you cancel within a week - No refund.
Is there transportation available to and from camp?
Yes, we offer round trip transportation via bus each session. Transportation is available from several convenient locations. 
Route 1: I-95: Branford (Exit 56), Guilford (Exit 58), Madison (Exit 61), Clinton (Exit 63).
Route 2: Old Lyme (Big Y), Old Saybrook (Mystic Mart)
Route 3: Route 9: (New Exit numbers) Exit 24A, Exit 16, Exit 11



What should I pack my child’s belongings in?
We recommend that each camper brings a bag that is easy for them to carry, for some this may be a backpack, for others a beach bag. They will not have to carry this around all day but they will need to carry it up to our building. Some campers like to carry their bag around all day so this may be something you wish to discuss with them prior to camp. 
Additionally, for young children I recommend a smaller bag for them to carry around their water bottle and snack in. 
What is the setting like and where will my child be dropped off?
Our camp is situated along our mile-long private lake surrounded by 740 wooded acres. Campers are dropped off at our Bushy Hill turning circle each morning and use our main building the ’Activity Center' to store bags and change for swimming. Our activities are spread around camp and our campers will walk to and from activities throughout the day. 
What should we expect during the summer?
You should expect your child to have a fun and enriching experience. Coming to camp for the first time may induce some nerves on the first day. This is a completely normal and healthy response to being an unfamiliar place with new people. Our staff are sensitive to this issue and encourage those campers to talk out their feelings and become involved in camp activities. Experience tells us that very quickly nervous campers will be fully engaged in camp happenings and be comfortable in their new surroundings. Each week brings new campers to meet and new experiences to be had. Our aim is to send our campers home happy and full of exciting stories. 
How are groups decided?
Groups are usually decided by age. Within these groups campers are split into smaller counselor groups of around 8-10 campers. 
Groups are mixed gender and friend requests are observed as often as possible.
In their counselor groups campers will group together in the morning and eat lunch together each day. However, campers will mix with other counselor groups for some activities, giving plenty of opportunity to meet new people. 


When should I drop off & pick up my child?
Campers should be dropped off between 8am and 9am each day. Before care begins at 7:30am and is available at an additional fee. At 9am groups will get into their counselor groups and start heading to activities. 
Campers should be picked up between 4pm and 5pm each day. After care ends at 6pm and is available at an additional fee. 
When & where should we meet the Camper Bus?
As stated above, the following locations are available: 
Route 1: I-95: Branford (Exit 56), Guilford (Exit 58), Madison (Exit 61), Clinton (Exit 63). 
Route 2: Old Lyme (Big Y), Old Saybrook (Mystic Mart)
Route 3: Route 9: (New Exits) Exit 24A, Exit 16, Exit 11
We pledge to do everything we can to offer a safe, timely, reliable trip to camp. If a delay arises we will attempt to contact you via cell phone ahead of time (please make sure to tell us if you have a new number). If you would like to change your child’s travel plans, please let us know as early as you can.
Please make sure your child has checked out with the bus counselor before leaving at the end of the day. 
What can we expect on Mondays?
Upon arriving at camp each Monday, families will drop off their camper at the Bushy Hill turning circle (signs will be posted). Campers will check in with the front desk counselors and find out their counselor group for the week. They will be introduced to their counselor and some others in their group. The Director and other leadership staff will be present each morning to talk and introduce themselves to all of the campers as well. 


Can my child bring their cell phone?
No. Campers are not allowed to bring cell phones. We understand that this may feel uncomfortable but we ask that you allow your child to experience this amazing outdoor, friend-filled, electronics-free experience. If we see campers with cell phones we will ask them to put it at the bottom of their bag, and if it is seen again we will confiscate it until the end of the day. 
How do I get in contact with the Director?
During the summer the following contact information can be used:

General Enquiries and Absences: Email:

Early pick up: call the camp cell: 860-767-0848
After Hours: Email, if you would like a call back leave your number and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Registrations/Payment Assistance: Main Office: 860-767-0848 (9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday)
During the school year: 
Please call the main office at 860-767-0848. Please leave a message if you do not get through and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


What if my child becomes ill while at camp?
We have registered nurses on camp 24 hours a day and the health center is always open. The pediatrician’s office and hospital are only a short 10 minutes away. If your child is unwell we will contact you immediately. If a child is ill they will need to be picked up from camp.
What if my child needs to take medication at camp?
Medication is given out by the health center each day. Please bring the medication with you each Monday and give it to the front check in desk, or give it to the designated staff member riding the bus to camp with your child. All medications need to be IN THIER ORIGINAL CONTAINERS and accompanied by a signed release form from you and your doctor. Prescription medications MUST be prescribed to the camper receiving them. 
In addition, EPI pens and inhalers must also be handed in. These will stay with your child’s counselor throughout the day so that they are easily accessible. See our Permission for Self-Administration of Medication (part 4) form in our Welcome Kit.