Bushy Hill
C.I.T. Program

The CIT (Counselor in Training) program is for campers ages 15 and up. During their time with us, the CITs will work with our main day camp field groups, ages 5-12, being scheduled to help a different field group each day, observing different group management and teaching techniques. CITs will work closely with staff and directors, learning the ins and outs of what a position as a counselor requires.
A typical day for a CIT would begin at drop off. They ware dropped off with the main camp on our activity field. After checking in with staff, CITs are expected to with help run field games, encouraging and teaching campers how to play. 

When the camp splits up into their field groups for the day, the CIT will join their assigned field group where they will assist the counselor as needed, often leading the from of the line on a hike or bringing up the back of the line, encouraging participation and team work, and engaging in group activities. 

CITs will eat lunch on the trail with their field group, helping to teach Leave No Trace and how to leave a place better than it was when they arrived. 
During swim time, our CITs help the staff for the first half of our swim period. They assist campers in finding a swim buddy (or they can be a swim buddy), assist campers with checking in/out of the swim area, and assist with buddy-up counts. For the second half of the swim period they are welcome to join the other teenaged campers on our teen beach where they can relax and have some down time. 

After the swim period they return to their field group as help with handing out snack and if they’d like to, they can participate with the staff in entertaining the campers with songs and skits. After “Snackertainment” they will rejoin their field group as they return to the main activity field for pick up. While at the field, until they are picked up, they are encouraged to talk with staff and/or directors about how their day went, any challenges or successes they had, and any other questions they might have.
This is similar to a student teaching position in a camp setting, preparing our CITs to become strong counselors for us or other programs in the coming year(s). 

Adventure beyond our teen program for 15-16 year olds!

The Bushy Hill CIT program runs from
8am to 5pm each day

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Session                          Dates                 
Session 2 (1 week)       June 24th – June 28th 
Session 3 (1 week)       July 1st – July 5th         
Session 4 (1 week)       July 8th – July 12th         
Session 5 (1 week)       July 15th – July 19th     
Session 6 (1 week)       July 22nd – July 26th
Session 7 (1 week)        June 29th – August 2nd 
Session 8 (1 week)      August 5th – August 9th  
Session 9 (1 week)     August 12th – August 16th 
Session 10 (1 week)  August 19th – August 23rd                   

tuition rates for summer 2024

all 1-week SESSIONS ARE $165 

roundtrip bus transport is available for
 $70 per week from the following towns;
middletown, killingworth, branford, clinton, madison, guilford, old saybrook, & old lyme